Twitter brings back

After Elon Musk bought Twitter, he first fired some employees. According to some sources, Twitter is recalling former employees to streamline its app development process.

Twitter recalls former employees
According to a Bloomberg report, Twitter asked some of its employees to return just days after halving its workforce. He realized that Elon Musk had accidentally or unknowingly fired some employees to create the features he wanted to bring to the platform.

Journalist Casey Newton shared the messages she obtained from one of Twitter’s Slack channels. In the message posted on one of the Twitter Slack channels, “Sorry about this message over the weekend, but I wanted to write this. I want you to know that we have the opportunity to ask if some employees will return to the company. I have to get the names and reasons together by 4 p.m. on Sunday.” statements were included.

The company started Friday by laying off about 3,800 employees. The move was hailed as a vexing move for teams across the company, including those responsible for developing new accessibility features.

On Saturday, Twitter began rolling out its new paid verification system for a short time. A day later, the company reportedly decided to delay the release of this feature until the US midterm elections.

Arguing that the dismissals were made for justified reasons, Musk stated that the company lost more than 4 million dollars every day. Musk underlined that he had no choice but to terminate the company’s employees in order to stop the material damage.